Heritage Murals works were done during the late 90’s through to 2005.


Currently I am happy painting mini-murals of classic scenes, to include:

Italian Gardens : Ancient Architecture : Pants and Trees :  Magical Fairy Forests :   Undersea Life :  Ponds and Water : Sacred Geometry : Children’s Fairy Tales                    All illustrative commissions welcome.

My choice of wood for a background is because of my extensive experience painting furniture and applied designs.  Ambitions are to utilize my skills using multi-layers of distressed colour, which will be particularly relevant applied to new abstract work.

Beyond the traditionally loved classic scenes of gardens and architecture, I am passionate to develop my own art styles, which hitherto I have barely touched on.   Future designs will include symbols from world cultures.   I envisage this integration to become more abstract using elements of geometrical, pagan, ethnic, biological, and shamanic  images and symbols – which I believe are universal across countries and cultures. I would hope I can produce timeless designs which communicate that which is at the heart of mankind, universal symbols which relate to all peoples’ lives.

Paintings will appear on website on completion.

Larger mural boards can be commissioned from these ideas in due course.

Background:   I had got to a very competent stage with my approach and execution of clients’ briefs. However, in 2006 I was stopped in my tracks following major life saving surgery.  After recovery, I diversified into TEFL English language teaching, previously qualified for in 2005.  I sewed freelance part time for a fashion label 2006 – 11 and in 2009 I worked as a school textile department technician: both these activities reminded me how much I had missed dressmaking: so in 2009-10 I gradually started ethical fashion design using recycled fabrics.  This is my ongoing business https://shamanicnights.com which for some garments I add silk painted patches of my own designs.

Furnishing Textiles to Murals:   The progression to murals was logical, as my last textile designs included more fantasy landscape scenes.  I enjoyed visualizing scenes at mural scale; having previously worked A2 size, free-lance painting furnishing textile designs, industry ready, in repeat,  These can be viewed on http://www.ameliajanedesigns.co.uk under the Textiles section.  I particularly like my ‘Roman’ and ‘Persian’ inspired designs. Although the designs are in repeat, (ready for textile printers) I can see now how in whole, or part, they could easily translate into new mural designs.  New colour ways can be used to match any interior.

I am happy to take commissions for paintings on boards, 6mm plywood boards which I can paint in my small workshop.
2ft (601mm) x 2ft 6in (706 mm)
3ft (910mm) x 4ft (1202mm)
4ft (1202mm) x 5ft (1502mm)
4ft (1202mm) x 6ft (1803mm)
Please enquire for different or bigger sizes.

Cost as an average guide would be £60 per square foot. Depending on research needed, and details to be included, cost can rise to £85 per square foot.  Quotations given for specific briefs, or photos copied.

I use household water based emulsion and acrylic eggshells, mixed with acrylic paints for colour tone variations.

BOARDS:    Boards are suitable for indoors and conservatories.  All painted boards will be finished with 5 coats of water-based acrylic, colourless varnish, for durability against any exposure to dampness over time.

FRAMES:     Frames can be made if required; please ask for separate quote from my carpenter.    Frame painting can also include layer-upon-layer of distressed/sanded/crackled ‘effect’.

VARNISH:     Please state if you require frame to be matt varnished or painted to coordinate with mural colours.
For outdoor boards, marine ply will be used, and boards will need to be set in a metal frame for durability. Again, a separate quote will be given on application.

I can also work on any material you wish to supply.


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