Repainting Wooden Shutters – France

Charming  French  roof  tops with  painted  shutters

Shutter painted (USE COVER), top bedroom, open, walls, greenery, roofs - 001 - annotated, smaller

In the shady streets of old Agde, the second oldest port town in France, glorious yellow honeysuckle and roses climb and cascade down the walls of the houses.

Yellow Roses, Honeysuckle view from lower window - 001 - edited
Tumbling honeysuckle: a tapestry view on a plain wall.  Top left out of sight are yellow roses.
Shutters, new paint, terrace evening light - 003 - edited - annotated
Shutter painting prepared and in progress in evening light on the roof terrace – shutters laid flat on large dinner table and set of metal frames.

Painting Preparation 

VIDEO (click) – Sanding Prep Commentary

Shutters need preparing, to remove ingrained dirt after first cleaning, and sanding where paint has become loose, due to heat and damp damage in the South of France.  Hand sanding commenced on some shutters, revealing previous colours.

Balcony Shutters, first hand sanded, black hinge right - 002 - annotated
The balcony bedroom shutters are the largest, and heaviest, accessed in situ from a chair.
I had previously painted them pale grey over dark green, now any thicker painted areas are removed, during sanding, for a smoother surface.

Balcony upper shutters, hand sanded - 001 - editedBlack hinges were previously painted in Hammerite and look good still after 7 years

Shutter, long hinge, rot damaged end - 003 - edited - annotated

Shutter machine sanded, metal bar - 003 - annotated
All shutters have metal ‘furniture’ to avoid painting.

The hinges of some shutters (painted by others) have a faux distressed wear affect: painted green ‘verdigris’ as undercoat, covered loosely with dark grey, or watered down black.  They look effective from a distance and have been left as is.

When metal becomes very tarnished, or even rusty, they can be painted black.  Lay cloth around to avoid black splashes on new shutter coats.  Unscrewing and removal is recommended before painting, if time allows; but if not, as was the case here, have wet cloth ready to wipe off shutter paint, if the brush marks the black metal.

First Paint Coats

Twelve shutters in all, both sides, two coats = 48 coat sides!  Ground floor shutters painted downstairs; bedroom balcony shutters left in situ, reached by standing on a chair; the others painted on the roof terrace.

  VIDEO (click) – Painting in process 

Shutter painted, terrace view of derelict shutters - 003 -edited - annotated
The sun terrace is a cut-out bedroom space, with great light for working under.  Succulents survive over winter in centre of terrace; moved to sill again during visits.

Finished Shutters

Shutters 3 finnished house front - 001 - edited
Finished shutters.  They are heavy to lift off and on their pins; thankfully a strong neighbour   assisted.  The terrace window shutters will be replaced where they have had water damage.
Shutters, painted, back bedroom balcony and ground floor grills - 002 - edited, cropped
Balcony bedroom shutters and lower living room shutters with security grill.

Floral views from ground floor living room window in May.

Living room window, red roses, shutters open - 003 - edited - annotated

Red roses, Agde window - 003 - edited
Charming colour in narrow shaded streets.  Photography does not catch the vividness of the red.
Yellow Roses from top small shutter window
Yellow roses above the mass of honeysuckle at top of the house, view from top terrace bedroom.

VIDEO (click) View from top shutter windows.

Yellow Roses from top floor small shutter window

The streets of old Agde are very narrow with 3 or 4 storey houses, so the views are often shaded from lower windows.  Shrubbery grown up walls gives a special interpretation of nature; a must to visit during flowering time in May.

3 shutters - middle open, top closed, dirty neighbour wall, street light
The yellow roses and tumbling honeysuckle wall is viewable from the bedroom balcony.

VIDEO (Click) – How-to-do technique – curved window frame

Terrace, curved window painting

Agde ville rooftops October 2015 - 003 - edited - annotated
View from the roof terrace with Agde Cathedral in black stone to the left.


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