Tide Line and Shells mural renovation

The local area of the bathroom mural is echoed in the interior design

Original sand and shells mural has damp damage to one wall corner at right of window blind:  drip lines are seen behind paint.

Damage to stencil shells meant complete renovation.

Marking out basic sand lines with brush, using photos of original painting: colour dried darker than intended so was ‘knocked back’ with more sponged layers

The finished effect I used several applications of lighter and darker coloured cream and beige applied with a real reef sponge, for natural effect.  Sections ‘mark out’ lines were painted out completely.

Similar ideas with beach tide mark designs and shells can be commissioned at ameliajhoskins@gmail.com 

I never repeat a mural, but have many beach photos to use as references and with many shell designs.

See more of Amelia’s murals at http://heritagemurals.com

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Ferns & Butterflies with Bronze Gate ~ Garden Art on recycled wood

Paintings on recycled wood!  A trip to the city dump finds recyclable backing boards, drawers & door panels from old furniture discards ~ perfect for garden and patio artworks.

Ferns with Flutterbys
Ferns – Butterflies – Dragonfly – Bronze Trellis – 3ft x 2ft on marine plywood

This painting was done circa 2000 (on mural off-cut plywood) and kept for my own yard as I enjoyed it so much.

Images for gardens and patio paintings can combine natural and geometric elements to create something akin to a garden ‘poem’.  Natural forms have geometry which has always inspired architecture in the past.  Geometry patterns in nature can be the focus of design elements, combined with abstracted pattern elements.

To create another painting on the theme, fresh photos of uncurling ferns give renewed inspiration with added elements.  The lilac and violet colours contrast fantastically with the lime green ferns, which could become a new colour palette for designs with giant flowers and fern patterns.  The tin frog adds an animist element.  His rusty colouring with pale turquoise also compliments the ferns with their russet base stems.  Rust can therefore become an important colour combining element.

The frog is playing a saxophone, as if the ferns are unfurling to the music.  This could become a new picture story theme in a new abstracted ‘musical frog with ferns’ design.

Colour combinations with pattern, are the music of design.

Interestingly all the colours forming the fresh inspiration are already in the old painting which had no other items around it, than the ferns by themselves.

Design development to be continued…..

Anchusa with unfurling fernsUnfurling ferns with tin frog

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